Monday, June 30, 2014

Being a writer

I know when other people look at the content I write and the quality of it they might laugh and say, "How terrible and what kinda crap is this!"

When thoughts such as these go flowing through my head like a yellow river raft flowing down the rapids of the Colorado River, I quickly remind myself that all of the greats such as Robert Frost and Edgar Allen Poe all went through such early stages when they were first starting out as well.

Even great writers/authors such as Tom Clancy and John Grisham have faced such scrutiny from the public when they were first starting out  Would I dare compare my work and style to theirs? Hardly not because my genre of work is nothing like what they write nor is my quality anything on their or of their caliber of perfection.

Take for example the series I have started with the first book I have written and published. Southern Gothic Tales and then take the new story I have recently written and am working feverishly to polish it to a state of perfection.  It is called, "Southern Gothic Tales: A boy from Coyote.  Southern Gothic Tales is a series I have created from my own machinations and one I hope will get even more popular with each new installment I create.  I also know that the longer I write, the better my stories will get.  I also plan on beginning a new series of short stories with installments after I complete work on The Boy from Coyote.

Once The Boy from Coyote is completed I will let the Southern Gothic Tales series rest for a bit while I begin developing this new series I have started work on and so I can let the Southern Gothic Tales series; hopefully pick up some steam.  In the meantime I will continue to post videos to Youtube in hopes that through my own self-promotion my work can be discovered.

That is all for now my friends and as always,

Love Edward

Friday, June 13, 2014

What I'm working on now

Work is progressing on my next story fairly well.  I have completed the rough draft and am now inputting my work into Microsoft Word. Once that is completed I can begin the lengthy process of review and then of course moving forward with assembling the story into ebook form.  Unlike my first book in the series,  this will be a single short story.

I hope that once the story is completed and polished as much as I can and its uploaded to Amazon, you will buy it and enjoy it as the first three stories in the series.  Until then check out my channel on youtube for video updates or email me at  You can also find me on twitter @kronoso1979.

Always yours,

Edward Alex Lively

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Southern Gothic Tales

What to say, other than I feel good knowing at 35 years of age I've published my first book.  

True I may not have a "real" job, but at least I'm trying to make the writing thing work. For the last two years of my life I have slaved away at my computer and a notebook,  developing my first set of stories. 

It has taken two years because of personal disruptions in my life. Which was entirely my fault. I trusted the wrong people, and yet I tried to also stand up for what I believed to be right.  In the end I got nothing, but everything taken away from me that I held dear to me and shoved out of the homestate I loved so dearly. As much as I complained about it, I do miss the South. 

Now that I've finished my first set of stories I'm free to move forward with the next step of my writing plans. Next up on my list is to begin reviewing the 4th short story I have written and once that is completed,  I will publish that as well. 

Once my 4th story is published, I can begin moving forward with either working further on this sci-fi piece I have started or this self-titled autobiography I have also began work on.

If I begin on the scifi piece, unlike the horror/pieces I won't be linking samples as I write along. For secret security reasons, of course. The scifi piece I'm hoping to be similiar to my Tejas piece; as in an ongoing series up until a point.

Either way, I hope if you're reading my blog you will consider buying my book and checking it out. I hope if you like it and enjoy it, you spread the word.

Edward Alex Lively