Sunday, June 1, 2014

Southern Gothic Tales

What to say, other than I feel good knowing at 35 years of age I've published my first book.  

True I may not have a "real" job, but at least I'm trying to make the writing thing work. For the last two years of my life I have slaved away at my computer and a notebook,  developing my first set of stories. 

It has taken two years because of personal disruptions in my life. Which was entirely my fault. I trusted the wrong people, and yet I tried to also stand up for what I believed to be right.  In the end I got nothing, but everything taken away from me that I held dear to me and shoved out of the homestate I loved so dearly. As much as I complained about it, I do miss the South. 

Now that I've finished my first set of stories I'm free to move forward with the next step of my writing plans. Next up on my list is to begin reviewing the 4th short story I have written and once that is completed,  I will publish that as well. 

Once my 4th story is published, I can begin moving forward with either working further on this sci-fi piece I have started or this self-titled autobiography I have also began work on.

If I begin on the scifi piece, unlike the horror/pieces I won't be linking samples as I write along. For secret security reasons, of course. The scifi piece I'm hoping to be similiar to my Tejas piece; as in an ongoing series up until a point.

Either way, I hope if you're reading my blog you will consider buying my book and checking it out. I hope if you like it and enjoy it, you spread the word.

Edward Alex Lively

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