Friday, July 25, 2014

When all hell breaks loose

Recently I was in the hospital because I was ill.  And it was all my doing.  I let myself slip into a deep, dark place of despair and depravity so bad that my own mind was working so horribly against me that I did something so terrible and I ended up in the hospital for two weeks.  Thankfully, a friend I have known since 2002 from back home in my native state of Texas was able to help me out. 

 I guess what it was really about or boiled down to was a combination of many different things because of some very bad things that happened to me in the distant and recent past and my present living situation. I don't want to mention too much about myself on the internet because I have often found people seem to get a twisted thrill out of using things against you for their own sick enjoyment. 

So after I was released from the hospital last Friday afternoon I have since spent the days and nights just relaxing and reflecting back on what I did that Thursday Afternoon of July 10th, 2014.  I also thought about what would've happened had my friend not been able tor willing to help me out.  I am grateful that he cared enough about me.  He is the true definition of a friend and I can honestly say without a doubt he really is a friend.  

Now that I am doing better I will still continue to focus on writing and try not to look back, but I had to at least write about this and acknowledge what I did rather than ignore what I did as if it never occurred. Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away. 

I'm not sure if anyone actually reads anything I write, but for me writing things out actually does help me through things.  So as I listen to an old 80's country music station on Pandora music on my phone, I am writing this blog entry. Yes I love old classic 80's country music and backwards because that is what I was raised up listening to.  And being from Texas a cowboy state you can bet your bottom dollar that is what you are going to hear people listening to if you ever happen to visit.  Texas is a great state.  Go longhorns!

 At the time of this blog posting I now have my computer back from Hp so I am back to working on reviewing and editing a new short story I have written for the Southern Gothic Tales series that I have started.  Alongside of that I have also started writing a sci-fi series that takes place about 100 years or so from now.  

The sci-fi series I plan on being a series of multi-part short stories similar to my Southern Gothic Tales shorts. It will be its own self contained universe as well.  Once the first short story is developed I can start revealing more in-depth details about it here on my blog and of course once I have a concrete copyright in place. 

You can check me out on Twitter @kronoso1979 and I'm on instagram under the same name; at least I think its under the same name.