Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fan Fiction

In the past I've been known to write some fan fiction. Beginning sometime last year I started writing a Resident Evil fan-fiction series. The series basically takes the surviving members from a specialized police force from Raccoon City and places them in Boston, Massachusetts in a high-tech safehouse that was financed and constructed by two of the members.  One of the members now works from a lofty position in the United States Congress so that he can keep an eye on things from the governmental level in the event the Federal Government ever tries to get involved with bio-organic weapons again. It isn't long before their nightmares are soon realized.

I have also written a very short Batman story, mainly just to see how it would turn out since I am a great big fan of Batman and Bob Kane's work on Batman. It should also be of course noted that Resident Evil is a registered trademark of The Capcom Corporation and copyrighted by them. The same goes for Batman being a trademark and copyright product of DC Comics/Warner Brothers. It is not to be inferred by the fan fiction stories that I have created that I am attempting to gain any profit minimal or substantial otherwise. These short stories were created purely for the entertainment of others.

So without further delay, I shall post the entirety of the Batman short here once I can figure out how to properly do it without screwing things up lol.


Edward Alex Lively

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