Friday, August 8, 2014

Progress among other things

So I am making significant progress in the editorial of the recent short story I have written.  The reasoning behind why it takes me some time to complete editorial changes to a story I create is quite simple. The fact that I am the one reading the first draft and doing all the editorial work myself requires me to read the story line by line; trying to catch whatever errors there might be and then trying to correct them as I go along. If I didn't suffer to a small degree from (OCD) then perhaps it wouldn't take me so long to correct something and then publish something. If I wasn't too picky about my words, then I might then be able to just pump stories out like the big name authors do. However, I'd like to think that I pride myself more on quality than quantity; even though I am an amateur.

It's very frustrating when I complete an editorial and then I am reading through a story thinking I have caught every error and then find even more errors that I previously thought I'd corrected.  I know that some of what I write; the dialogue might sound somewhat cheesy, but I'd like to think that the more experienced I get at writing perhaps I'll get better at writing dialogue and character interaction.

So as of this blog entry I am getting closer to completing my first editorial and I am shooting for a publication/copyright deadline for sometime in early September. At that time I will reveal the name/title of my newest short story.  The new story will be the latest entry in the Southern Gothic Tales series. All I will reveal at this point will be that it may or may not be within the same time period as the three previous short stories which were condensed into the first book that I recently published. By time period I just mean around the same time that the events in the three previous stories had taken place.

Another thing I'd like to talk about and I'm not sure if I've already mentioned, but I'll talk about it again. I've heard people randomly talk in the past how writing doesn't seem that hard. I hate to burst the reality bubble, but writing is much more difficult than it seems. When writing literature; whether it be a short story, a novel or whatever the genre may be; you really have to try and be as descriptive with everything as you possibly can. You have to try and describe in great detail to the best of your ability everything from the characters, how they look, what they're feeling, what they're wearing, and right down to everything in their very environment. Some people don't like that much detail, but I do.

I know I don't keep this blog updated daily like most bloggers do, but I only post an update when I feel like I have something worthwhile to say.

Until next time,

Edward Alex Lively

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