Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sci-fi Epic

So I have been working on this sci-fi series lately trying to develop it properly.  I have realized that the scope of what I have created in my mind, that I will have to write each part of the book as a short story and publish them and then when the final part is released; then I can release them all in one final edition as the first book.

I am almost sure when I am finished that the book will be almost one thousand pages or darn near to it.  I have had to create a separate word document in order to make sure I keep everything straight with my characters since I have developed quite a few detailed and in-depth characters. At least in my opinion.  For what I am writing I want to make sure it turns out well.  I'm sure that as I go along writing each part that I will come up with even more ideas to throw into the mix.

When you are developing something like this and actually starting to write it out then you realize how complex things become very fast.  It's not like just writing a series of regular short stories. When you have everything connected it's a completely different story.

I don't post a lot because I'm usually busy examining what I'm writing and sitting around thinking of what I want to do with it and my characters and what direction I want them to go in or in some cases what I want to happen to them.

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