Sunday, November 23, 2014


So I've been very busy lately, working ever hard on my science fiction series. I recently finished the first rough draft of the first chapter and input it into the computer and then began work on the second chapter.  It is taking some time in between chapters because I am taking adequate time to develop my characters and give them some decent background and depth.

I want to give them more than just simple dialogue so that when people read this thing, the characters will strike a nerve somewhere inside of them. I am so thorough with what I am doing that surprisingly I have an entire separate document fully detailing all of my major, minor characters, and plot elements.  I believe in the end that it will make this into a more worthwhile read.

In the meantime I am having never ending struggles with my Hp laptop. I have contacted Hp and hope to have this resolved soon.  If I lose my computer then I will be writing this entire thing henceforth completely inside of a spiral notebook. There will be no rough draft in a notebook then later refining it inside of a word document.

I am also in the process thinking about other stories I can create to further my Southern Gothic Tales series. Some ideas I am playing with.

Take care everyone!

Edward Alex Lively

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