Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sci-Fi Novel And Other Progress

Hello friends, 

I am currently in the middle of working on the second chapter of my science fiction novel of which I apologize for not stating the name and I have a simple reason for this.  In the current state of stale ideas in this age that we're in, plagiarism seems to be running amok throughout the entertainment circles.  Of course I'm not one to name any names but I'm sure if anyone is actually reading my blog then you are aware to whom I am referring.  

I am of course not without sin myself and I am the last person who will be caught standing in a glass house hurling rocks.  By sin I do not mean stealing ideas from others and if anything I have written thus far is similar in nature, then it was by no means intentional.  I will openly admit I have been inspired by many writers, actors, and what have you that have come before my time. No, I dare not place myself into the same category. I merely cite those terms as an example.  

Moving forward with my thoughts; yes I am in the middle of transcribing my second chapter from my spiral notebook to my notebook computer.  Recently my computer was being repaired, (thankfully it was still under warranty) due to another malfunction; just another notch to add to the laundry list of malfunctions. Thanks Hp, much appreciated for your shit quality! I shall how continue to endeavor using your computer until the day I make my breakthrough and I can afford a Macintosh once more.

Once I complete the transcription of this second chapter however, I shall focus my attention on reading and editing a fourth short story I have written, then proceed with the copyrighting of said short story, and afterwards I shall do as I did with my first book and publish this short story on through their Kindle Direct Publishing service.  

This new short story I have written will further the adventures of the Southern Gothic Tales Series that I completed last year. I remind you it was the first installment of course!  The first installment being comprised of three short stories or as one person a few years ago called it, "mini-novellas" due to the fact of their length.  

In the interim alongside working on my sci-fi piece, this new short story I have completed just before my computer broke, I have also began work on a fifth entry into the Southern Gothic Tales Series.  At the present time I only have a few pages written in my spiral notebook, but at the moment all I can say is that it has a few characters in it from some of my previous short stories. So yes my plate is somewhat full and I am rather enjoying myself.  

I haven't made a video for my YouTube channel in months because I've been preoccupied with these items and as we all know, creativity can't be rushed and those that say true creativity just happens is deluding themselves.  That's all for now I believe and I hope I haven't bored you too terribly. 

You can always check out my twitter feed @Kronoso1979 and I believe it's the same on YouTube I'm honestly not sure lol.  I'm also on Facebook, occasionally I bother with Pinterest, and I’m on Instagram under the Kronoso tagline.  I don't get into the snapchat thing or anything like that because that's mostly for perverts and people just looking to be naughty.  

Last but not least, don't forget to check out my first book on under the title Southern Gothic Tales.  From time to time I am doing updates as I read through it myself because I am constantly trying to perfect my work. Recently I had a friend who did a cover for me. So the credit for the custom picture work goes out to Susan M. Conner. 


Edward Alex Lively

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