Sunday, January 25, 2015

Brief Description and Cover Regarding my new short story.

I'm just about finished with the editorial of my latest short story so having said that I wanted to take a few moments to make a quick blog entry about that and just go on to say that even though I'm not like most bloggers; who're constantly writing what they're up to each and every day, I'm still alive and well for the most part.

I will also attach (if possible) to this posting a sample of the cover I am working on for my new short story that I will be posting very soon (hopefully) to Amazon. Naturally when I publish my story to Amazon then you will hear about it either through my blog, my Facebook, Twitter feed, and then of course I will be making a new video which I will then post to YouTube.

A brief description about the story.  The story revolves around a troubled young man who comes from a small country town in Texas located not far from Tejas.  Tejas of course being the fictional town that was introduced in my first book in the Southern Gothic Tales series.

The young man over the course of his life has been plagued with nothing but one difficulty after another.  To find out what happens then all I can tell you is that you'll' just have to buy the short story when I publish it.  If you are quick enough you will be able to get it for free as I will do what I did when I published the first book.  I ran a free promotion and then afterwards the book will be set at a standard price $.99.  I take the smallest royalty Amazon offers because I'm not a greedy person.  I never have been and I never will be.

As always you can reach me at, @kronoso1979 on twitter and I'm under Google+ as Edward Lively, and on YouTube as Kronoso1979 or Edward Lively.  I can't remember the YouTube details as I don't use it that often unless I need it lol.

So without further ado I present to you the cover to my newest short story.