Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Positive Progress Thus Far

Hello Friends...

Edward Lively here once again!  I am here to report since my last blog entry that I have completed work on my latest entry in the Southern Gothic Tales Series.  I call it, Coyote, Texas.  So once I publish it to which of course it will sell for my standard fee of $.99, I surely hope you will buy a copy and support me as I continue on my quest to grow as a burgeoning author.  

In the interim I am already hard at work on another installment in the Southern Gothic Tales Series and a yet unannounced science fiction title.  Both of the working rough drafts are almost somewhat complete.  When the science fiction title is completed and I finish at least one decent edit on it, then I shall reveal more details about the science fiction piece.  I have of course already ran ahead of myself and given both pieces of work final titles as I have found more than appropriate titles for them.

The newest installment that comes after Coyote, Texas however, is called Southern Gothic Tales:10/6.  It relates to a young man who after years away, finally returns home to Tejas and the home where he spent most of his youth.

Most likely unless I can find an online publisher, then like my other work I will be publishing this to as well.  I will make another posting after this where you can read a brief preview of this upcoming story.  I will also post a preview of Coyote, Texas as well.  Again once I publish Coyote, Texas to Amazon please look for it at the bargain price of $.99.  Also don't forget to keep up with me on Twitter @Kronoso1979,, and I think it's the same name on Instagram but I'm not entirely sure as I don't use it as much.

In addition to writing my own fiction, sometimes I enjoy writing fan fiction, then I write commentary on my Facebook page under this name which I have taken after my great-grandfather's name.  I have written about some social issues, horrible customer service experience and the like.  More or less I am somewhat a keen observer of people's behavior and then if inspired enough, I will blog or write about it.  Some call it ranting but I prefer to call it, "Showing people their inner, ugly selves."  

However I digress as that is not mostly what this blog is purposed or intended for.  It is intended for me to show off my writing skills which I will readily admit may not be up to some people's Harvard like standard but I am constantly working to improve myself.  


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