Saturday, August 8, 2015

New Update

Hello friends,

I have been very busy lately working on some things.   Mostly finishing a new story abd then going and working on another story I am working on at the moment.  For the time being until I finish this new story there won't be any new entries in the Southern Gothic Tales.

The new story I am currently working on was started about a month or so ago before I had surgery to remove my gallbladder which had swelled to a dangerous level, thus requiring its timely removal.  Since the surgery I have been keeping busy working on the latest Southern Gothic Tales entry which I finished and so now I am back to working on this short fantasy story.

This short story involves a race of feline type beings that exist in another part of the galaxy.  These feline beings which I like to call "The Sphinx" live on a world that is ripe with wild beasts, heavy uses of magic, and the worship of multiple gods.

I will share a sample passage here that shows just a preview of how things are from the viewpoint of one of the story's many antagonists.  I'll let you know up front that you might recognize the names of the antagonist or other character mentioned.  The reason being is because I have used what I know about real life to draw upon for inspiration to help create my world.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it and then sharing it with you.  My only request if you share my blog post is that you DO NOT take any of my ideas then change them around in order to make them your own.

My story has familiar elements true but that's because I have based my original story on real world mythology to some degree.  This story is an original idea of my own.  It's also a story I have been thinking about writing for a year or more but until recently I had no real idea or general concept of how I wanted to properly write it out.


Edward Alex Lively

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