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The Sphinx Sample

***Excerpt from The Sphinx****

The large solid, square golden doors stood almost seven feet high and almost six feet wide.  The doors stood as the only entrance to the Pantherkuza throne room.  As the doors opened slowly they creaked loudly, echoing throughout the chamber of the throne room.  Once the doors stood fully open, in walked the head of the Pantherkuza sorcerer's council, Nakamun.  The sorcerer was flanked on his right side by a lower level apprentice.

As Nakamun entered the elaborately decorated throne room he immediately took note of the two Jaguaringo guards standing on either side of the large doors.  The guards were like most typical Jaguaringo guards; tall, wide shouldered, extremely muscular and wearing the solid steel battle armor most soldiers wore.  Most importantly Nakamun noticed both guards had attached to their hips a long, thick curved blade that was so sharp it could carve off the hide of a fellow Sphinx without even trying.

The throne room itself was constructed with walls of pure gold however the flooring was made from large interlocking stone blocks.  The wall were elaborately decorated with golden tapestries made from the finest silks and other fabrics that could be found across Luna.  In the center of the throne room was what was common in most royal throne rooms.  A large sacraficial pyre.

Beyond the pyre toward the rear of the room sitting upon a throne of solid gold, Nakamun observed Prince Dubai sitting and staring straight ahead as if waiting for something.  Nakamun knew who and what his prince was waiting for.  Nakamun then observed standing on either side of the prince two more Jaguaringo guards.  Their attention not focused on anything but looking straight at the door to the throne room.

Prince Dubai had been sitting idle when Nakamun first entered but now he made a sweeping motion with one hand to the guards behind Nakamun.  The guards standing near the doors without breaking a sweat, pushed the large doors closed then secured them with a large silver beam across the doors.

Nakamun looked behind him briefly as the doors were sealed and wondered for what reason the doors were being sealed.  He then dismissed it and turned his attention back to the prince.  Nakamun asked in a voice that was barely audible, more like a whisper.  "My lord you sent word you wished to see me."

"Yes I did.  I wish to know of what your spies in Posideon City have to report."  Prince Dubai said.  Not forgetting his place, Nakamun stepped closer to the throne with his apprentice and both kneeled before the prince.  Without looking up Nakamun answered again with a whisper.  "I regret it's not pleasant news.  It would seem that King Mahameed has apparently left the city some time ago."

The prince stood slowly from his throne and when he walked closer to Nakamun and his apprentice, the two Pantherkuza began to slightly shake.  The prince began to pace slowly back and forth in front of his throne for a moment.  Something was weighing on his mind.  He abruptly stopped and looked down at the sorcerer kneeling before him. Dubai them ordered both Pantherkuza to stand.

"Gone from the city? Gone where?" Dubai asked with a deep growling tone.  With no hesitation Nakamun answered the prince.  "The spies report the king has taken a small group of soldiers and sailed across the Aquarius Ocean.  Apparently they were headed for The Karoo Providence."  Dubai's brow scrunched up and his expression turned to a nasty sneer.

"He's gone to visit the Lynxar no doubt. But for what reason I wonder? The only thing I can think of is they must be secretly planning to attack us."  Dubai's long, rounded mouth curled into a nasty grin. "No matter then.  With the old fool gone it will make capturing Posideon City all that much easier when the time comes.  Just people won't have anyone to rally behind!  We can worry about finding and taking care of him later."

Nakamun cackled with evil delight.  "Not to worry my lord!  I have already taken measures to track the king down and capture him alive or dead!"  Dubai demanded that Nakamun explain himself.
"I have sent the best of the Pantherkuza trackers we have across the Aquarius Ocean to find the king and bring him back no matter what it takes."

"Wonderful!!!" Exclaimed Dubai.  His voice ehoed loudly throughout the chamber.  There was but a moment of silence as Dubai contemplated his next words.  "I suppose then I should have no further use for you then."  No sooner did those words leave Dubai's lips did Nakamun's apprentice start backing away slowly.  "I'm  confused by what you mean my lord."

Dubai stepped closer to Nakamun.  So close that Nakamun could feel the warm breath from his prince's nostrils.  Suddenly and without warning Dubai reached out and with one hand grabbed the short in stature Pantherkuza sorcerer by the throat, lifting him high into the air.  As Nakamun was suspended in the air he could see down into the prince's eyes.  As he continued to look upon the face of his prince, Dubai's eyes began to glow a bright amber.

"Did you really think I wouldn't find out about your betrayal you little troll?!" With a nod of his head in the direction of the apprentice Dubai then said, "You can thank your apprentice here for coming to me.  Apparently his greed is more important than his sense of loyalty."

Nakamun knew he was in trouble so he pleaded for mercy.  "My lord, I don't know what you mean!!!  I don't know what he told you but it's all lies I swear!!!"  Dubai nodded.  "Right!!! Of course it is you fool! Your apprentice told me everything!!! He told me about your secret midnight rituals to grant yourself more dark arcane power!"  Dubai shook a finger and waved it in Nakamun's face.  "Let me be clear on this matter! You'll never replace me Nakamun because I won't give you that chance!!!"

Dubai's eyes began to glow brighter and brighter until two beams of energy shot forth, pouring directly into Nakamun's eyes.  As the guards stood by idly watching, the apprentice watched as well.  He started to shake and tremble with absolute fear.  The real terror set in as the apprentice watched as Nakamun was rapidly reduced to a shriveled up mess of rotting flesh and burnt hair left inside what was once the purple and golden silk robes of the Pantherkuza sorcerer.

When he was finished destroying his betrayer as his master ordered him to, Dubai released his grip on the now almost skeletal remains of Nakamun, letting the corpse drop to the stone floor of the throne room.  Dubai then turned his full attention to the apprentice who stood cowering in a corner.  "Spread the word you little troll.  Spread it near and far across my empire!  This is what happens to those who think of betraying me!!! Now get outta my sight you worthless little mongrel or you'll suffer the same fate!!!"

There was a loud echo as the guards rushed to unseal and open the door.  Once the door was opened the apprentice wasted no time in scurrying out of the room.  Dubai then turned and walked back to his throne and took his seat as the doors were being closed once more.

***Excerpt from The Sphinx****
                  Edward Alex Lively

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