Saturday, February 20, 2016

What's going on at the moment.

I apologize but if you are looking for anything inspiring from me then you are out of luck.  All I can offer you is insight into my thought process, and then it's only sometimes that I think with a little bit of rationality. Is that the best way to start off a blog post?  Perhaps not but that's the way I'm starting off this one and we'll leave it at that.

So here just a couple of weeks ago I successfully published the latest entry in the series I started three years ago.  Southern Gothic Tales: Coyote, Texas.  If you're keeping up with my blog posts at all then you know by now what the story is about.  It's about a sixteen going on seventeen year old kid who has problems and he deals with them eventually in his own way.  If you want to know the full scope go buy the damn thing from  It's not that long of a story.  

So yeah about two weeks ago I was able to get the table of contents to finally work and afterwards I published it after debating for a day or so about whether or not I should go through and give it one more pass through or not.  Honestly I had given it a couple of passes, fixed this, fixed that, and I was overdue for publishing it and I was sort of eager to get it out there.  Not to mention the subject matter was a sort of sore one for me because even though the core story is fictional, (the characters I mean) everything else about it might have a basis in reality, but please don't hold me to it or anything.  Not that I would admit anything.  I'll take it to my grave.  Overall I am pleased with the way it turned out but I even notated for the readers that at this juncture the story is complete as far as I'm concerned.  I would also not be giving it anymore attention at this time.  

The reason for that is because I want to focus on other stories.  Possibly future installments in the Southern Gothic Tales series or another series I am slowly developing.  Which brings me to my next point of this crazy blog post.  As of this post I have started writing on a new short story that I wrote by hand a few months back called Southern Gothic Tales: Ten Six.  Until I get the story written out into my computer and completed and then copyrighted, I am not going to divulge any details at this time on my blog.  So if you are reading this blog post in fact then you will have to wait until I am ready and feel safe that no one will poach my work.  Even if I am a SHITTY writer, well I'd like to be a shitty writer who protects his work.  And nothing says loving like a copyright certificate.  

Overall I really am proud of myself and what I have accomplished so far with Southern Gothic Tales.  These five stories all came from my own head and then if you count in the two shorter shorts, then that makes seven stories in all in the series.  So yes if you are asking if I'm patting myself on the back. Well, YES I AM!  Even if only a few sell and then other copies are only bought on free promotions who really cares?  The idea is to get my name out there and so eventually someone big will notice me.  

Bottom line, the point is that I enjoy writing.  And if someone that reads my work, well they are either going to like it or they are going to hate it.  I am very much looking forward to seeing where I can continue taking Southern Gothic Tales after this story I'm on.  I already have an outline actually penned out in the back of my notebook for another scary short.  During winter break I wrote two at the same time.  I submitted one to two different periodicals and it was rejected instantly from a horror magazine, but that's fine. I say that's fine because since I have my work copyrighted and I self publish anyways I wasn't too worried about it.  I'll just keep writing.

Anyways, until next time friends!  Stay safe out there and I'll see you next post! 


Edward Alex Lively  


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