Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Internal Decay

The Internal Decay of Society’s Beautiful People

So when we’re initially born, of course we all look the same on the inside and then of course the same on the outside. We’re short, bald, and fat wrinkled little giggling things.  True bundles of joy or the light of our parents’ eyes.  On the inside our muscular structure, bone structure, nervous system, and our red bloody meaty insides look the same.  Or at least they should.  Everyone’s insides include the same amount of internal organs; lacking of course some kind of major birth defect, then everyone should have two lungs, two kidneys, a heart, and so forth.  Now on the outside of course the skin tone itself might look and even feel completely different as one would expect of someone from a different nation, depending on the type of climate they were born into.  As we grow older though the outside may not necessarily match the inside anymore.

By that I simply mean that when we are younger, we are such sweet, loving acting creatures on the inside through and through.  For a time, the outside matches what’s in our hearts.  There are no masks or facades of any kind, or any hidden emotions that seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere as when we begin to grow older.  For some reason or another that science has yet to explain, some people more than others are more apt to retain their youthful looking appearance.  The large portion of society that makes up most of the popular crowd is what seems to determine what is “attractive” or should be the typical norms for the rest of us.  Basically between these people and the mass media it sends the common message it’s what the rest of us should strive or aspire to be NO MATTER THE COST; even if it kills us in the process.  These people are at the top of what I like to call the, “attractive food chain.” Some of these elite members of society are deemed in fact to be so attractive, that it almost seems they are being compared by modern mass media almost to an exquisite or priceless work of art that you might find hanging in the New York Metropolitan Museum!  

However, in reality located on the inside somewhere deep inside the darkest pit inside the darkest caverns of their heart; deeper than even the deepest recess of the Grand Canyon; lurks a rotting, festering “ancient evil!  It’s an evil so ancient that over time it’s been slowly creeping through each chamber of their heart, and then subsequently working its way out and through their entire body.

In the years of twilight when they’re finally old, grey headed, and perhaps even balding; barring they haven’t spent thousands upon thousands on plastic surgery or other such materialistic cosmetic surgeries in a desperate last ditch effort, to prolong and retain their youth it will be too late! Their true evil nature will finally emerge from within revealing how truly wicked, evil and decrepit their heart and soul ultimately really is.  This ancient evil inside them will of course have no choice, because by the time of twilight their insides will have been completely rotted out like wood overtaken and completely infested by termites.  The evil inside them will burst forth like fresh popcorn cooking in the microwave.  When it does it will make such a loud, boisterous noise.  When it bursts forth through their skin, and through all orifices possible it will be like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon after many months in hibernation. Make no mistake though, they’re no Monarch Butterfly!

Let’s not forget of course you then have the “normal” people or the people in society that the majority at the top of the “attractive food chain” considers grossly “ugly” and unworthy of continued existence.  Now let’s stop and consider for a minute if you will, that these people just like the “attractive” people were as I said earlier in this article were born exactly the same way.  They were born with two eyes, one nose, two ears, the whole ten fingers, ten toes thing, and whatever else they might have.  The only difference between the normal and/or ugly people, and the attractive people is that they apparently encountered something in their life somewhere along the way that made life more of a rougher or difficult ride for them.  Some of these people even broke down and resorted to different methods to ease the emotional pain that they’ve felt or had to deal with.  Whether be it that pain was only for a short time or is still ongoing.  Some yes chose to resort to drug use, alcohol just like drugs in order to help block everything out(Alcohol is still considered a drug because it can be a depressant for some), smoking cigarettes, cutting themselves to dull their pain, and then some even resorted to terrible eating habits such as overeating to comfort themselves.

These “lower” people may not be attractive any longer by most of society’s perceived standards.  Or even the mass media’s standards it seems.  When these poor souls are out and about in public, the beautiful and attractive people who flaunt their good looks obsessively in everyone’s face, casually look at them (the non-attractive people of all breeds) as if they should be working for a sideshow circus as one of the many attractions.  However, little do these attractive people know that on the inside these “un-attractive” people have a heart of gold bigger than the Empire State building.  Some of these people in fact let it shine through the “ugly-duckling” status that the majority of society and mass media has thrust upon them forcibly. Because we all know society loves to label people don’t we?  It is up to us ultimately to change that.  We just need to be willing to stand up together as a society to change that.  Until we’re willing, then nothing will change.

In this day and age of technology and overwhelming peer pressure from society to conform, some of these ugly ducklings have unfortunately let their once beautiful hearts turn to complete stone or even solid blocks of ice.  Then sometimes the complete reverse situation is true.  The “un-acceptable” people started off beautiful and because they grew a larger than life ego about their beauty, larger than the tale of Paul Bunyan; the evil/rot invaded them much earlier than others.  In a cruel twist of fate or karma, their outside quickly grew to match their wicked insides turning them into a member of the un-acceptable crowd.  But most of the time it’s the other way around.  It’s usually the good natured “un-acceptable people” versus society’s most “beautiful” people.

Why did I write this article do you ask? I was inspired to write this article after reading this separate online article about an overweight woman.  It was a small news piece posted this morning by the Daily Mail Online.  The article appeared on my Facebook newsfeed.  Jen Davis is a woman who bravely began a journey of self-discovery over ten years ago using a camera to photograph her life in an artistic way.  I then became even more inspired to write this article after reading through some of the comments posted by multiple Facebook users on the article’s comment section.  A good portion of the comments were rather nasty, overly vitriolic, extra toxic, and just in general mean-spirited. These posters tried to be as hateful as they possibly could it seemed.  I honestly tried to sift through as many of the comments as I could to find as many positive comments as I could.  Those comments were like trying to find the Ark of the Covenant.   

I was quick to take notice however, that of all or most of the people making the nasty, vitriolic comments belonged to what I consider society’s “attractive food chain.” Or if perhaps you want to go a step further you could even classify them as society’s “attractive elite.”  It is these same people whose very insides are rotting like a corpse that has been in the ground for many years.  Allow a few more years to pass and you will see finally their true nature start to emerge.  You might even see a few maggots here and there on their skin or at least right below the surface if you desire to look hard enough.  That’s usually the case with rotting flesh. 

In the meantime, most of the “unattractive” people or “ugly” people as they are to society will continue on their way through life; spreading whatever good thoughts they might have to those around them along with never-ending love, compassion and providing good friendship to everyone they meet.

Edward Alex Lively

Tuesday May 20, 2014