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Cyberbullies and Men with Small.....Feet

  1. the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

The Cyberbully

I had been wondering for days now how I would write a blog such as this.  I could've done the same thing I suppose like most writers or journalists that had come before me that write for the national papers or major magazines.  That being actually go and talk to some experts from my area on cyber-bullying and see what their opinion on the subject actually is but I decided to try a different approach when writing this blog article.  I'd write this article reflecting from my own personal experiences with such beasts that exist only in the realm of the cyber dimension we known so fondly as the Internet or as it is colloquially known as, "The World Wide Web."  

I'm sure that most of you reading this has dealt with a bully or two in your time and I'm even sure that most of you are adept at tuning most of these pieces of sewer scum out.  Honestly I couldn't be more happier for you!  As cliched as it is to say, my hat's off to you for being able to resist the overwhelming urge to fight back with them online.  I on the other hand unfortunately, I do not have that strength of resolve nor or character I suppose.  And there's a very simple explanation for that which I will get into.  My entire life has been one basic bullying event after another.  

First there was the abuse by my father (physical not sexual).  He didn't know how far to take physical whippings sometimes.  Then there was the predation by my older cousin for a period of six years, beginning at the age of ten lasting until I was sixteen.  By that point my self-esteem was so low and when I was in high-school I was putting up with all sorts of bullying left and right, that I was practically in the high school counselor's office left and right all the time crying my eyes out.  I just never could for whatever reason gather up the strength of character to come out and say, "HERE'S WHAT'S GOING ON IN MY LIFE. CAN YOU HELP ME?!!!"

I discovered the world of the internet when I was nineteen years old.  It was the spring of 1998.  My adoptive mother had just passed away, my father and his lawyer had managed to somehow convince me to sign a document without reading it first, thus unbeknownst to me, I had signed away some mineral rights possibly worth somewhere in the realm of thousands of dollars that had been left to me by my mother which of course had been passed down by my great-grandfather.  At that time I had just revealed to my stepfather that I thought I might be gay or bisexual.  I wasn't yet ready to admit I might be gay because in high school I was constantly teased and harassed into tears over it and I didn't even known what it meant.  My father cheated me out of my mineral rights then kicked me out.  He claimed in a back-door letter to my grandfather it was because I was a bad child growing up that's why he was getting rid of me.  

Regardless, I was out and living with my grandfather in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when I first discovered the power of the internet.  A new place for someone such as myself who had been bullied all his life to hide in safety.  On the internet I could be whomever I wanted to be like most people and not worry about being picked on(or so I thought) or anything of the such.  It was also a new place I'd learn over the next few years how the bullies were lurking there also, lying in wait like a highly dangerous apex predator.

Your typical cyberbully or sometimes by the other nickname they are known as, "Keyboard Warrior" will utilize many tactics or methods in their attempt to unseat you and take you down.  Be prepared for a no-holds barred struggle to the death as no comments are off limits to these warriors of the internet!  You will encounter some of the most foul, obnoxious language ever known to man, not to mention some of the most uncouth like behavior exhibited by a person online as they attempt to bring you down.  The old saying goes, "Don't argue with idiots because they will only drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience."  The saying does ring true for the most part.  If you go into any chat room, online discussion forums, and even the online gaming communities they are all pretty much the same.  There is always a handful out of the crowd usually that seem to thrive on seeing who they can intentionally set off.  

The real question I ponder to myself is that I don't think no one has been able to successfully answer for me is why they actually do it.  Has anyone actually interviewed one of these cyberbullies and asked them why they do it?  Why they live to torment others online?  You take for example the term swatting.  No I don't mean hitting a bug and killing it.  

What I mean by the term Swatting is using electronic means to make emergency services think a crime is being committed somewhere else so they respond with maximum force.  See the link at the bottom of this article that describes in great detail to what I am referring.  Should you not read the article I'll give you a brief highlight.  A fifteen year-old kid from Louisiana got pissed he kept getting beat at Battlefield 4 so he called in a fake hostage situation to his rival in the game and the rival's father was shot.  He is now serving 25-life under the Patriot act for two counts of Domestic Terrorism.  Basically what he did was a form of cyberbullying only I don't believe he ever anticipated things turning out the way they did.  Now he has 25 years to think about it.  

There are other methods they use as well these bottom filling cretins or basement dwellers.  Sometimes you will run into a really noteworthy foe and he'll be quite adept at using the computer.  He might even be able to find out your personal information as what's happened to me years ago.  I honestly don't know how they do it but they do.  That's just how they work.  

Now there are those experts out there that say, "Oh no don't respond to them, they'll go away if you don't talk back to them" or they say "Don't feed the trolls."  The problem is though I've noticed that when you ignore them they just amp up the methods/tactics they use.  For someone like me who has been through so much my entire life, at one point I decided years ago enough was enough! I wasn't going to take anymore and I was going to start fighting back by using the only skills I have and that's my ability to mouth off and right back at them.  I know deep down that's simply throwing gas onto an open flame but eh?


The part that bothers me most about cyberbullying and bullying in general is when I see someone younger that has chosen to take their life whether it's from being bullied over the internet or from their peers at school.  And usually it's the same old story.  They kill themselves or they snap and go on a shooting rampage because they couldn't take anymore.  Please don't misconstrue what I am saying here.  By no means am I saying what has happened over the last twenty years regarding school or workplace shootings is an acceptable manner in dealing with bullies. IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT!!!  I am simply saying I understand the actions some of these few mentally ill chose to take because I was bullied so much in school.  

People in their lives will say the standard phrases, "Grow some balls!"  Or they'll say things like, "Grow up and deal with it!"  "Let it roll off your back!"  "Grow a thicker skin!" "What a whiny faggot!" Well not everyone has that kinda constitution.  The only reason why people say this is because they don't want to deal with the issue at hand: people getting bullied and the fact that it is a problem that is growing way out of proportion.  It's a problem that does need to be dealt with and it can only be dealt with by talking about it.  Speaking to the newer generations as they come along will only ensure they learn what the term "EQUALITY" truly means.    

Honestly? Most likely the only saving grace I had in high school that kept me from killing myself in high school, or doing something terrible to myself was this therapist I had who kept me somewhat grounded.   If I had to do high school over again I'd drop out honestly.  I wouldn't make it with today's kids.  They are mean, nasty and all around shitheads to each other and they live for making one another miserable.  It's almost like a contest to see who can find the weakest of group and quickly destroy themselves.  You know what else does that?  A pack of wild animals does that.  With their pack mentality they quickly weed out the weaker, less capable homosapiens.

One thing I was hesitant to mention about and it's a quite dreadful personality trait.  It's one I despise in myself.  It's something these cyberbullies do and something I loathe completely.  Sometimes the bully will get you so upset that it will make you say things you wouldn't normally say.  Case in point?  I was upset awhile back by this bully who I won't reveal his/her name for their privacy.  It wouldn't matter anyway because they would just change their name.  They got me so upset to the point where I stated basically for the intellectually inferior little person they were should just do the world a favor.  They should free up the earth from the valuable real estate they were taking up and release the valuable oxygen they were stealing from others who could ACTUALLY contribute a positive impact on society rather than bullying others.

Yes I told the bully; my bully that he/she/it to kill themselves.  I'd never gotten that upset with anyone since I last played that silly game called World of Warcraft.  Of course on there I was told constantly I should kill myself.  I then immediately apologized because with the type of conscience I have I would not feel right knowing if something had happened to this person, bully or not I couldn't sleep at night.  I still get harassed in this chat room on a daily basis and called all sorts of horrible names.  Most of the time I don't let it get to me.  Most of the time.  Other times I simply can't help it and it certainly doesn't help matters that I suffer from bi-polar disorder.  Whether or not some of these cyber-losers know I suffer from it is irrelevant. 

Men with small...feet

The title of this heading is "Men with small feet" namely because I didn't feel it would be appropriate to put cock, dick, penis in the title for a blog since I would be linking it to my Facebook page or my Twitter, and Google+ account.  You get the jist of it I think from reading through this blog posting.  Most of the type of cyberbullies you may encounter are most likely men (and some women who wish they had a penis) who are suffering from short man syndrome.  And like their real-world counterparts, on the internet they have to compensate by acting big and badass.  In the real-world these same douchebags buy these big trucks with huge tires and you just know deep down in your heart they're compensating for something.  

The same as I said goes with these creeps on the internet in these chat rooms and the discussion panels.  The gaming communities such as Activision's famed Call of Duty where if you're unfortunate enough to be playing online and since you'd be playing that horror of a game then you'd most likely have a headset so you will then hear twelve year-old boys call you a plethora of names that even God wouldn't mutter and then talk about how they would fuck your mother until she split in half!  Which is why in my infinite wisdom I do not play Call of Duty and I never have and I never will!

Keyboard Warriors  

The term keyboard warriors is technically the same thing as cyberbullies.  They sit behind their computers and they are quite adept at talking with their keyboard.  They can pump out hurtful and quite damning comments faster than Dunkin Donuts can pump out those Bostom Creme!   
These cyberbullies whether it be my bullies or your bullies, they are in fact wastes of skin, wastes of time and energy.  They don't deserve any more time than we are willing to give them.  And to any parents who might read this.  They certainly are NOT worth our children's lives.  


So if you have a child who is being victimized whether at school or through the computer, please step in and put a stop to it immediately.  I know from my own research that several states across the country are enacting cyberbullying laws.  So before too much longer, these cretins won't be able to say it's a victimless crime when they're being led away in handcuffs to a prison for a felony.  

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I thank you for taking the time to read it all the way through if you did.  Please send me feedback through the contact form.  Also while you are viewing my blog please take the time to read any of my previous posts which includes samples from stories I have written.  At the bottom of this posting I will post some links to organizations that I think will help should you or anyone you know need help with bullying.  I'll also include links to the National Mental Health website.   


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