Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Southern Gothic Tales: 10/6 Sample Passage

Ian wandered around the foyer going from room to room trying to find the source of the creaking noise, excluding the two hallways that led into the Sunroom and the banquet room.  It was when he when he was making his way back to the foyer when he noticed it.  On the far right side of the staircase was something he hadn’t noticed before because of the way it seemed to have been cleverly disguised.  It was a hidden panel that was barely small enough for one person to fit through.  It had been apparently so well designed to look like a normally functioning part of the staircase’s side.  Ian seriously doubted anyone else would’ve ever noticed it either because of the clever, intuitive design.  He stepped over to the panel which now stood ajar and examined both the panel’s outside and internal side.  There didn’t seem to be no external way of opening it so he was dumbfounded as to how it could’ve came open as there was a small metal latch on the internal side of the small door. 

The only thing he could come to gather was that either someone recently opened it and forgot to close it, or it had been jammed and now with the weather the house had settled and the latch could’ve come loose, thus releasing the panel.  He examined the latch itself closer.  It seemed to be in perfect shape.  He then peered into the dark looking hole that lay beyond the small opening.  Just on the inside of the opening on what was the underside wall of the staircase was a small metal hoop which Ian took to understand was where the latch hooked into.  The metal hoop seemed to be in decent shape also.  He couldn’t understand how the house settling could’ve made the panel latch release.  “Someone definitely released this only recently.” Ian said to himself.   

Ian decided he would need light to see further into the hidden area so he pulled a small flashlight out from the right front pocket of his jeans and switched it on.  The entire hidden area beneath the stairs was instantly illuminated, revealing a smaller metal staircase that spiraled down into a never-ending darkness. Ian realized he’d just found the basement stairs.  He wondered what he would find at the bottom when he got there. “Well there’s only one way to find out I guess.” Ian said.  He ducked his head and stepped over the panel’s threshold stepping onto the first step of the metal staircase.  Carefully he began following the staircase down into the unknown darkness.

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