Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Civil Rights & You

Civil Rights

Whether people realize it or not civil rights are important.   A person may say, "Oh things aren't that serious. It's only the media blowing things completely out of proportion trying to ignite a race war. "  

While that may be true to some degree, and even to the point depending on the journalist writing the article or the reporter sitting behind the desk on camera I can tell you not all media types are the same.  However I will tell you this.   Civil rights violations are a very real thing in this country and as someone who suffers from a disability I have personally witnessed it.  

The first time was when I was arrested in 2012 after pushing someone while suffering from a psychotic episode, then subsequently being repeatedly denied a lawyer by the Sheriff's office and the District Attorney's office for Jefferson County Texas.  Currently I have a federal case pending against the county regarding this violation.  

On May 20th of this year I suffered another major episode which landed me in the hospital.  While there I was repeatedly harassed by another pateient.  When I finally blew up verbally and asked her to leave me alone I was then assaulted by two members of the hospital staff.  

I was then removed from the hospital and taken home by a cab.  Fortuitously I had a witness to the entire event.  A young girl who witnessed the entire affair how the other patient had been continuously harassing me while the staff did nothing.  She also watched while the staff members assaulted me by grabbing me and strong arming me into a room.  She also watched how three buff guards holding mace aimed at me until I left the hospital.  

My own doctor has stated she would testify that in the year or so we have worked together I have never been physical.  She was alarmed and shocked they would treat me that way.  

Why do you ask yourself am I posting this on a public blog? The answer is simple.  I want people to be fully aware they have rights and I also want people to NOT be afraid to utilize them.  

At the time of this blog entry I had filed in small claims court merely as an attempt to get the hospital to change their policy on how they treat those with disabilities and to respect their patients better.  Yes I did file seeking $1200.00 in compensation because I felt my rights had been violated.  

Yesterday a young lawyer out of Concord, New Hampshire by the name of Beth G. Catenza with the law firm Sulloway & Hollis contacted me and informed me she would be filing for a removal to U.S. District Court here in Concord, New Hampshire where she will then be filing for immediate dismissal.  I asked her on the phone if it's okay for hospital employees to assault patients and violate their civil rights.  She replied with a simple, "No."  

One has to simply wonder for the hospital to have this moved to federal court of they don't have a judge sympathetic to their cause or on their side already.   I day that because she sounded quite confident on the phone that she was going to get an immediate dismissal without any scrutiny of the hospital's practices or no objection to the dismissal being allowed by me.

Again folks I reiterate-know your rights at all times.  How many times must I say this?

Beth Catenza can be reached at (603) 223-2805 or

Southern New Hampshire Hospital is currently located approximately at:

8 Prospect Street
Nashua, NH 03060

The currect CEO of Southern New Hampshire Hospital is a Michael Rose.  At the bottom of this blog entry will be all links you might need that are relevant to this article.

I don't mean to sound rabid my friends.  I'm just tired of getting walked over and I've had enough of seeing myself and others like myself mistreated by those who believe they are not only untouchable but unstoppable.  Someone needs to stand up to them and say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"

If you were to ask me then yes.  I do consider myself an advocate and I would do anything to help those who can't help themselves.  Someone has to speak up.  I refuse to be silent any longer.  I've also documented everything and backed up the entire affair to my cloud drives.

One final thing.  At the bottom with the links I will post will be a couple of links or so regarding the having to do with rights.  I suggest you read it and absorb it. If you have any questions about this blog posting as always, you can contact me by email, twitter, or facebook.  If you're a reasonable individual I might even give you my digits if there's a topic you wish to debate over the phone.

Have a great day everyone and remember...let's keep that constitution alive!