Friday, November 4, 2016

A Summer to Remember

Slacking off.  That's what I've been doing starting this past spring and then throughout most of the summer.  And with very good reason.   When I tell you the reasoning for slacking off on writing this spring/summer you will most likely do one of two things.  You will either understand completely and fully empathize (not sympathize) with how others and those like myself continue to suffer each and everyday, wondering just how we do it.  Wondering how it might be that by now we haven't fed ourselves to a group of man-eating sharks.  

Or perhaps instead you will simply ignore what I have written here.  Instead, you will chalk the words contained within this blog up to nothing more than those of a lunatic who long ago, should've been shipped off to the moon in a cryogenic space capsule.  

*Spring 2016*

As the spring season was approaching I was putting pressure on myself to complete a new short story, refine previous stories, complete work on a rough draft of a new short  story in the fantasy genre.  All of this while also slowly putting together the beginning installment of another draft of that was to be the first part of a series I want to start work on soon as my horror series is complete.  What ended up happening instead? I put too much pressure on myself because I had as my neighbor put it, "too many irons in the fire."  

The end result was that  (I'm ashamed to admit) I had a nervous breakdown and had to go to a shall we say a very nice place for those who suffer with chronic mental illness. I don't know honestly why I feel so dirty admitting I suffer from bipolar disorder but I just do and I have since I was diagnosed back in 2004.  

While I was in this nice clinic it was revealed I was a horror writer and the content of what I write about became made public to the staff after an incident between myself and another patient.  To sum up briefly what happened next I was briefly manhandled by the staff then asked to depart, despite them claiming it was a violence free zone.  I was then given the option of leaving voluntarily or being forcibly taken to the state hospital.  There's just no other way to say it other than to just spit it out. I just wanted to get back home where I could immediately document what occurred, which as soon as I arrived home I did. 

Shortly after suffice to say, I attempted to get the administration over the facility to take prompt action.  I was ignored for a few months and did what I felt in my heart of hearts was the best thing for society.  I filed against them in federal court on the basis of an ADA violation.  It's currently in limbo.  I know some people will most likely look down on me for making a move such as the previous one mentioned, but I feel that if no one stands up to them then the question has to be asked. Who will? When will the violations stop and when will equal rights across the board begin?

*The Dentist*

A year or maybe a year and a half ago when I was brushing my teeth one day I noticed something different.  It was just after I had finished brushing and I was examining my teeth as I usually did in the mirror.   What appeared to be in the rear lower of quadrant of my mouth, looked to be the small tips of new teeth emerging.  I was quite surprised to say the least.  After consulting with a friend from back home, he informed me I was finally getting my wisdom teeth.  He was shocked when I told him what I had discovered.  I say he was shocked because he knows I am thirty-seven years old (thirty-six at the time).  

Fast-forward to the present summer season now past and my wisdom teeth decided to make themselves known loud and proud.  They began emerging through my gums (top and bottom) with an aggressive vengeance until there was no more room for them to grow.  The result of them coming through began causing me immense pain like no pain I had ever felt in my entire life!  Over the course of a three week period while I was waiting for dental insurance to activate, I had to make three trips to the emergency room.  Even the doctors at the hospital were shocked at how fast and quickly my wisdom teeth were trying to push themselves through my gums, even more so at my age and at the fact I was just now getting my wisdom teeth.

So I found a dentist and an initial exam was performed.  The prognosis it turned out was quite serious in fact.   Since I have a small mouth the wisdom teeth were trying to grow in sideways and were running out of space to continue growing.  I know this because I saw the x-rays myself.  The wisdom teeth on the bottom were trying to push my other teeth out of the way in order to come in which was why my lower jaw was causing me so much pain.  This is where the adventure with my wisdom teeth takes a dubious turn.  

The dentist whom was recommended to me by my insurance company saw the chance to make fast cash off someone in a vulnerable position.  He told me the price for the extractions would be $284.00 after the insurance.  Even though it was an oral agreement it was still an oral agreement.  Imagine my surprise after I get out of his chair, make my way out to his waiting room only to have his secretary tell me they were adjusting the bill to $395.00.  Precisely $5.00 short of the full amount I had in my savings.  He took me for every dime he could squeeze from me.  His secretary blamed it on me and said the doctor had to dig into my jaw in order to remove the teeth.  I would like to add that to this day I am still healing from his procedure.  I can still feel exposed jawbone on both sides of my mouth in the lower rear quadrant.

After leaving I continued to have pain from his procedure for more than two weeks.  I went back in for a followup where he assured me it was normal and I was healing fine.  I decided to get a second opinion and went to a second dentist.  At this second dentist I then had to have my two lower rear molars removed next.  I originally thought it was due to complications from the wisdom teeth removal but this new dentist explained the molars had small abscesses.  He did point out how badly my jawbone had been exposed and gave me antibiotics to help with the healing process.  That was something the prior dentist did not do.  

The only thing the first dentist did post-op was prescribe me pain medication.  That and send me an enormous bill when his double billing scheme to my insurance company failed.  When I called him about the bill he informed me I was going to pay it within six months since it was rejected by the insurance company.  I recently talked to my insurance company and they informed me what he did was illegal.  He charged me at the office more than the allowed deductible and he didn't o along with my wishes., which were to make sure the insurance was going to pay for all four extractions.  

I guess he needed to add a new room onto his mansion.  Either way, the problem will soon resolve itself as I have turned this clear crook into the medical board.  It was only my bottom teeth that  were hurting me in the first place but he insisted to me all four needed to come out.

*Twilight of Summer*

 That's basically the gist of what's been going on my friends.  Last month though I did start back up writing again on a short story so I can finish it, copyright it, and then publish it to my Amazon Kindle page.  So once it's completed please look for it and download a copy.  When it first goes up I'll run a free promotional at first.  I am eager to finish it so I can finish the ending of my fantasy short.

To be fair to anyone actually reading this, you should know there are parts of my life that my illness has affected me on so many levels and to such a degree, that there will be things I feel I can't share on this blog.   I feel if I were to share certain things it would make people look at me even more like I belong in Arkham Asylum than anyone else in Batman's rogues gallery.  I'm not sure if I'm to that level of trust yet.  Not after I was so brutally betrayed four years ago by someone who I thought was a friend.  And then again this summer.  

It always seems to come down to that deep trust factor.  Everytime I think I can trust someone I am proven wrong without fail.  Regardless of how cynical I may seem sometimes, I still try to keep a somewhat positive attiude.  I do know there are decent people out there.  I'll find them because I know they're just like me.  They just want to find other decent people to sit back  with and catch snowflakes on their tongue.

Until next time friends,

Edward Alex Lively

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