Friday, December 9, 2016

Southern Gothic Tales: Ten Six



He was searching for something new.  Someone new, AND entirely different this time.  Or rather someone of an entirely different caliber than the last.  Someone he could truly have an enjoyable time with.  It wouldn't be like last time in Houston so many months ago with that Thomas character.  No, this time would DEFINITELY be different.  This time he wouldn't  be so desperate.  He’d take his own his sweet time searching for a new playmate.  The absolute PERFECT playmate.  Make no mistake.  There was logic behind his reasoning as to why he wasn’t so desperate; why he wasn’t in a great big rush to just pick anyone off the street to be his new “special” friend.  His next special friend would need to be perfect in almost every way imaginable.

Thomas from Houston had been merely a fluke.  Someone he knew from his past years ago.  A chance encounter at a club one night that proved to be…more than adequate at the time in satisfying his hunger.  The downside was the fun was over as quick as it had started and it had left him feeling empty.  So here he was out on the prowl again searching the streets at night.  Searching for that perfect person that would lead him to the gates of heaven.  And just who that next perfect person was he didn’t know just yet.  He only knew they would be the right person when he met them.  Eventually, he would meet them, it was just a matter of time  He always managed to find that special someone, that he was not just comfortable with but also fully compatible with.  That special someone who could put a smile on his ever so perfectly pale chiseled face.

Earlier in the evening he’d gone to The Haze Room located in the west end of Tejas with hopes he would run into his special someone.  When he first entered the club he first sat alone at a highly illuminated, and transparent glass bar counter sipping slowly, nursing a sugary sweet cocktail.  Extremely loud electronic music had been blaring in his ears, coming at him from every corner of the club imaginable.  The music had been so loud in fact, that the very stool he’d sat upon had been vibrating in a near perfect harmonic rhythm to the beat of the music.  In the end however, he’d left the club in complete disappointment.

As he was driving towards his next hotspot he thought back to another night with another friend. He could still remember the sad, pitiful look on the guy’s face.  He could also accurately recall just how desperate the guy looked for a fix.  He then thought back  “Crumbs.” It’s what he preferred to call them.  They were all mostly the same.  None of the crumbs he’d encountered so far had surprised him, and he doubted any in the future ever would.  The only thing most any of them cared about was where they were going to get their next fix.  Always willing to do anything and everything they possibly could to get it.  All it had taken was the right lure and the little crumb took the bait that was casually offered to him.  And when he thought back to that night, it was a simple offer really.  It was a promise of a small fix the crumb had apparently been looking for, and so without hesitation the young man followed him like a little lost sheep into a nearby darkened alley.

Once they were in the alley he wasted no time in offering the young man a sip from a silver flask he’d been carrying.  That’s when the real enjoyment had begun!  It was all pretty much over with before the crumb even realized what was happening to him.  On the other hand, it was beyond exhilarating to watch as the very life drained from the eyes of his prey.  As he stood idly by watching, he was surprised at himself for finding it immensely pleasurable.  At one point the excitement almost became too much for him and he found that it was actually getting him turned on strangely enough.  For a brief, fleeting moment he even thought about spitting on the young man as he lay there on the ground in the alleyway taking his final breaths.  However, as the young man had taken his very last breaths and he finally stopped twitching, he decided against it because he knew he still had further important work to do.  He also knew the police might be able to actually extract his DNA and at the moment he couldn’t risk being stopped from his mission.  He still had an important message to send.

After The Haze Room turned out to be a complete zero he ended up driving over to “The Golden Sphinx” Club.  Truthfully he was actually surprised they even re-opened that club considering what happened to the previous owners.  When that club turned out to be an epic failure he then went to a strip club by the name of “The Golden Saddle.”  Like most of the clubs in Tejas, The Golden Saddle is located in the downtown area of the city near the port in the business district.  It didn’t take long after hanging around the Golden Saddle and seeing nothing but a bunch of overweight blue collar workers cat calling at strippers to see that he wasn’t going to find what he was looking for there.

The last stop on his tour of the city for the evening would be The Pink Flamingo. If he struck out again then he’d just go home and try again another night.  If he kept striking out, then in the end he could always try the neighboring towns nearby.  Surely they had bars and clubs, and surely those bars and clubs would have what or whom he was looking for in a friend.  That would only be as a last resort he knew; driving to another town.  A very last resort.  Eventually he’d find someone to satisfy his hunger.  That craving that never seemed to go away.  Honestly though it didn’t matter if they were straight, gay, or into shoving carrots laced with arsenic up their asses.  In the end it was all the same to him.  They were nothing more than silly mindless little sheep, waiting to be slaughtered.  And in the end, he would be their shepherd.