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***10/6 Excerpt Pt 2***

A Nasty Discovery


A few moments later Ann was resting comfortably in the library of the house, sitting on a forest green, Queen Victoria style couch enjoying her juice.  When she first came into the library it took a moment or so for Ann to find her way around, even with the amount of light coming from her lamp.  At one side of the couch was a small dark cherry, triangle shaped end able.  Ann placed her lamp and the pitcher of juice on the table then took a moment to light two of the wall lamps opposite of one another with matches from her pocket.  Afterwards Ann went back to the kitchen briefly to fetch her glass, then she returned to the library where she stretched out on the couch.

As she was sitting there slowly sipping her juice Ann looked over at a large English style, mahogany bookcase with six wide shelves that was now partially lit up by the wall lamps and the lamp sitting on the small table.  The large bookcase stood in a far corner next to a grand looking black marble fireplace.  The old bookcase belonged to Ann’s father as did all the books on its shelves. Most of the books she knew that were in her father’s collection were primarily first editions.  The subject matter mostly pertained  to history on ancient civilizations such as ancient Rome, the Aztec Indians, and the Mayans just to name a few.  From where she was sitting and despite the low light, she could also see by the names on the spines there were other first edition books covering other material such as classical literature, different spiritual rituals of different cultures.  Ann knew her father had assembled his collection many years ago and over a lengthy period of time.  Apparently according to what her mother once stated, Ann’s father apparently at one time belonged to the Archaeological Society of Tejas.

Her mind then drifted to another matter.  The search for her mother.  Obviously Ann was worried about her mother.  She knew as mean as her mother was she really shouldn't have gave a damn.  But it was her mother still the same.  Right then Ann’s stomach started growling.  She remembered she hadn’t eaten anything herself since that afternoon.  She remembered there was some leftover pimento cheese in the icebox which sounded like an excellent snack. Ann swallowed the last sip of juice then reached behind her placing the empty glass on the small table.  She then stood even though it was painful and very slowly made her way from the library, then walking through the front hall to her left, and back into the kitchen.  Before the night was over with Ann had a sinking feeling she would be needing not just another pain pill or two, but she had a feeling she’d be also taking a mud bath in her pain crème.


Once she was back in the kitchen Ann stood in the doorway looking for anything out of place.   She then stepped over to the counter, setting the empty glass down on the counter and decided to first get some bread from the hidden pantry.  Just as she was about to reach the pantry a loud noise came from within.   It sounded almost as if something might’ve fallen but she couldn’t be sure.  Her first thought was that someone was inside the pantry itself and they'd knocked something off a shelf.  Ann called out loudly that she had a gun and she knew how to use it! When she heard nothing more Ann inched forward slowly.  Reaching out with her left hand trembling, Ann turned the handle on the hidden pantry door then yanked the door in her direction.  She prepared herself to flee as fast as she could if there was a monster or some other hideous creature sent by the devil inside.

Instead of finding evil incarnate itself inside or any of her other worst nightmares, she found a large mess instead.  Inside the pantry one of the upper shelves had collapsed causing everything to fall down onto the shelves below, thus causing those shelves to also collapse onto the shelves further down because of their age.  In turn everything on each lower shelf had then collapsed to the floor of the pantry causing a large mess of spilled dry food and other essential cooking ingredients.  Ann breathed with relief.  She felt safe but only for a moment because she quickly noticed there was something about the shelves collapsing and then the mess on the floor that bothered her.  The shelves she noticed had only collapsed because they apparently had too many items piled on top of them it seemed.  She looked closer at the items now laying on the floor of the pantry.

There was a fresh gallon of milk she remembered buying only three days ago, a carton of orange juice, a large bottle of mayonnaise, a tub of butter, a container of sour cream, and a carton of eggs.  That was to name just a few of the items.  So far it seemed to be items that were supposed to remain in the icebox.  Beneath the collapsed shelving and the many food items was something else of particular interest.  Ann leaned over so she could look closer.  The light coming from the kitchen wasn’t very bright and her eyes weren’t that good anymore either.  What she was looking at looked similar to the metal shelving from the icebox.


Ann backed away from the pantry’s doorway and then looked next to the pantry doorway over at the old white icebox sitting there by itself.  She then began to wonder about something.   Something definitely didn’t feel right about the current situation.  Something really felt wrong.  Ann decided to check the icebox.  Stepping over to the icebox and gripping the cold metal handle, she waited not even a second before yanking the icebox door open.  When she opened the door Ann was prepared to find an emptied out icebox. An icebox emptied of everything food related and all its shelving.  Instead what she found inside was the body of her mother shoved inside twisted at an odd angle.  At first glance her mother had been bound at the wrist, ankles, and then across her mother’s mouth was a large piece of silver duct tape.  Alice Hemphill’s grey eyes had an open blank stare.  Across her throat was a deep, fresh slash still dripping with blood.  Cut into her forehead were deep red gashes in the shape of the numerical digits, “10/6.”


Just as Ann managed to let out the most horrified scream she ever thought possible, the sudden sound like a door being kicked in could be heard coming from the main foyer.  The front door in fact was kicked in right then by two Tejas Police officers.  The officers drew their weapons after entering upon hearing Ann Hemphill’s initial scream.  The two officers quickly followed the sound of a subsequent scream down the front hall where they found Ann in the kitchen.  In the dim light the officers spotted Ann standing in front of the icebox staring at the mutilated corpse of her mother stuffed inside.  They wasted no time aiming their weapons at Ann’s backside, announcing themselves and then demanding she turn around with her hands up.  As Ann turned around with her hands up she barely made a sound as her eyes rolled back into her head, then she collapsed to the floor of the kitchen from pure fright.

The two responding officers who’d been dispatched to the Hemphill home were Tejas Police officers Bradley Davidson and his new partner. A rookie fresh out of the academy by the name Rusty Davis.  The rookie stepped closer to the icebox still keeping his gun aimed at a now unconscious Ann, he took one look at the semi-mutilated body stuffed in the icebox and immediately he fell to the kitchen floor passing out himself.  Bradley simply smiled, shaking his head as he placed his gun into the holster on his belt.  He reached for a small radio on his left shoulder requesting both a team from homicide unit and forensics.


©Edward Alex Lively The previous story is a complete work of fiction.  Any names, characters, places and incidents contained herein are products of the author’s highly overactive and creative imagination.  Any resemblance to any actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.  Please do not re-print from my stories anywhere without my express written permission. This is my creative work and even though I may choose to share samples of some of my work online with close and personal friends, I would hope no one would take advantage of my good nature and steal portions my work and then change them up for their own benefit or personal gain. This notice at the end of all my books/stories serves as my official copyright notice.  Any characters in official capacity including names of characters or having to do with the actual plot of the story are all copyrighted by me.  

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