Tuesday, February 21, 2017

***Civils Rights & Abusers of Power***

Today I come to you on a more serious note.  Not relating to my works, but something important to each and every one of us.  Civil rights and those who abuse the rights of others.  

Today I wrote a letter addressing District Judge Paul Barbadoro for the federal district here in New Hampshire.  In my letter I stated my extreme displeasure at how he sided with Southern New Hampshire Hospital.  I also stated that I believe he was politically and spiritually motivated by his decision. In other words, he showed partiality in rendering his decision.  Yes I have balls.  Very big ones.

I won't ramble on too much here in this post as I'd like to share the letter with you.  I promised the judge in the letter (which will go out this week) that I would post it to my blog for my own protection.  By that I simply mean should Judge Barbadoro choose to retaliate against me for speaking up, there will be a record elsewhere to prove why he performed such civil liberty violations.

Why do I do this?  It's obviously not about money.  It's about doing what's right.  It's about shining a bright light into the dark recesses of what has corrupted our justice system.  As we all know though...once a snake is exposed they slither away to find themselves new deeper, darker hole.  I also do this because if someone doesn't stand up for what's right then we're done as a society!  Isn't that what our founding fathers fought against? The very tyranny every average American is enduring.  Well I say enough is enough!

The United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence guarantees us such civil liberties which I am fighting for; that no one can just do anything they want to you and get away with it.  Judges are no different.  They're not gods among men, although quite a few may be deluded into believing they are.  Well I'm here to tell you they're not.

I will link the website for the law firm; specifically the lawyer involved in this case below.  I will also provide a link to the federal court house in Concord, New Hampshire as well.



The letter in it's full entirety on a following post, minus a few personal details for obvious reasons. My home address and phone number.  I realize by posting this letter there's probably no going back.  People will now know my personal name as my author name.  I don't care.  I feel in my heart I'm doing what is right.  What my grandfather taught me. That was to stand up for what you believe in.

Forever yours in truth,

Edward Alex Lively

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