Sunday, May 28, 2017

Edward & The Bedbug From Hell


I found a bedbug in my room this morning.  I was able to quickly captured him, but not until after repeatedly dodging many streams of fire from his flaming breath attacks.  I was then able to force the foul beast down into one of my large water bottles.  I then filled the water bottle up by a quarter, and all while he continued spraying streams of fire up at me.  That was until the water level became too much for him!  I then sprayed some Ortho Home Defense down into his plastic prison.  I watched as the foul and unholy creature stared up at me, first in utter shock then in absolute horror.  His antennae waving in unison.  With beady black minuscule eyes glaring at me as if to ask, "What have you done to me?!" 

The creature then began gagging repeatedly and I watched with glee as this tiny, yet evil creature that had so forcibly invaded my home began to move through the water performing a death roll.  I watched as he continued to gag and struggled ever so desperately to cling to the last bit of wicked life he had left in him.  I knew however this force of evil was merely staving off the inevitable.  I said nothing.  Finally after repeated delays, the life force of the insidious creature was at last extinguished.  That's one less demonic beast in the world to wreak uncontrollably havoc upon an unsuspecting population.  

Now for the rest of his wicked clan...


©This short is based on an actual event but changed into a short and is copyrighted for entertainment purposes only by Edward Alex Lively.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Resident Evil Biohazard (PS4)



Hello friends and fellow gamers of the Playstation variety!  Welcome to my second game review.  In this game review I will be reviewing Resident Evil 7 A.K.A. Resident Evil Biohazard, produced by Capcom.

As most any true gamer knows, the name Capcom is considered to be a household name when it comes to video games.  As such, Capcom has been in the gaming business since before I was born.  Capcom first officially emerged on the scene in its present form in the year 1984 with its first ACTUAL video game, "Vulgus."  From then on it was history in the making with such classic hits as the MegaMan and Street Fighter series.  Later the company would branch out with even more successful franchises to include the Devil May Cry series, and then of course the globally popular Resident Evil series.  A series that in my opinion has grown to be just as much of a household name as the MegaMan series.


About this review 

In this review it is my hope I can answer those burning questions you may or may not have?  Should I buy this game? Is it really worth spending money on? What does it play like? And so forth.  I'll do my best to give you the best and unbiased review I can, despite the fact that Resident Evil is my favorite game series of all time.  Before this review is over with I do promise you this.  You will most likely be seething with rage at what I have to say about this game.  What I WILL NOT do however is give away spoilers.  At least not intentionally.  That is one of my biggest pet peeves.  Reading a review by a paid critic of either the movie or game industry.  I would get through the article only to find the author had carelessly given away some piece of the plot no matter how small.


General Gameplay

I will start this review off discussing some of the gameplay aspects of the game.  Keep in mind that again, I won't be revealing spoilers but I will be talking about how the game performed and things of that nature.

  • Movement 

Since this game takes place in first person unlike most of the other games in the series, it took me a bit to get adjusted to the movement controls.  There was only one other game in the Resident Evil series that utilized this game mechanic.  A game by the name of, "Resident Evil: Survivor." Another game in the series by the name of, "Resident Evil: Dead Aim" utilized BOTH first and third person mechanics.  Another game in the series by the name of "Resident Evil: The Darkside & Umbrella Chronicles" utilized yet again an entirely different first person camera/movement mode.  Personally I'm not a fan of first person games and I have often found myself avoiding quite a few games if I found it has a first mode.  I prefer third person because I enjoy seeing around my character at all times.  I also don't buy into the lame excuse that it adds suspense to the game.  To me that sounds like a lazy excuse for not putting in the extra work to give the game a third person mode.

  • Weapons

Everyone loves to play a decent horror game and when they do they also expect to find throughout the environment a variety of decent weaponry with which to dispatch the evils.  If you were counting on that in this game you WILL BE HIGHLY disappointed.  Now I'm not saying you won't get worthy weapons period.  My point is that unlike past Resident Evil games or even other horror games, you won't get access to even a quarter decent weapon until you're more than about five percent or more into the game.  Capcom really makes you grit your teeth on this game.  

When you finally do get that first weapon, you have to rob Peter to pay Paul in order to keep ammo, and that is because from beginning to end ammo in this game it seems was designed purposely to be more precious than all the gold in Fort Knox.  That's how rare it was!  And no. None of the monsters drop ammo after you kill them.  You can only get ammo from busting open these crates, picking locks on cabinets, or finding ammo by chance in random rooms.  
Another thing to be aware of regarding the other games.  After you finally finish the game none of your items through the initial playthrough carry over to your next play.  So if you don't feel brave enough to try normal mode then I suggest easy.  After I completed the game on normal I unlocked madhouse difficulty.  However I have no desire to play through this game again.  I only wish we could do with digital purchases like we did with physical copies; trade them back to the PSN store at a reduced price and choose something else.  

  • Combat

The combat mechanics by far had to be simply the MOST ATROCIOUS feature of this game yet.  Combine the combat with the movement which at times felt like I was wading through a tub of molasses, and it makes for a living nightmare!  At times I actually thought I'd have more fun shoving nails through my eyes, before dealing with the frustration caused by this game's combat mechanics!  I believe Resident Evil: Survivor had similar movement abilities but I don't recall ever being this terrible.  Even the game Alien Isolation, which by the way is also played from a first person mode is superior to this game in regards to combat and movement.  

There is a blocking feature which supposedly makes you take less damage.  Only half the time did the block even stop an attack. I'm not sure if that was part of the game mechanics or if I finally found my first game bug.  There is no offensive strafing like in other games. So if you're about to be attacked you have two options.  (1) Block which isn't always successful or (2) Attempt to run away. That doesn't always work either.  Especially if you're fighting a boss.  

  • Save Often
Because of the silly difficulty I HIGHLY suggest that whenever you find your first save area and subsequent save rooms after, make excellent friends with them.  You never know what will happen in this game. I had tried to pin down a pattern but I was unable most of the time. The NPC movements seemed to be too random.  The save stations are actually full sized rooms and are completely different this time around.  The room is still a completely safe room separate from enemies. You have an unlimited item box in the room and regarding what and how you save your game?  The mechanism is styled after an old tape recorder from the early eighties or perhaps further back.  Most often it can be found sitting on a table in the room.


Game Performance

Overall the game seemed to perform mostly fine if you can get past the silly loading times every time you die or when you're first starting the game.  Now I have the digital version so there really shouldn't be any loading issues whatsoever.  However there is.  While the game is loading I can pop into the PSN store and check out their latest deals, pop back over to the game only to find it's still loading.  I don't know if it has something to do with the fact the game also has that stupid VR software installed along with it or not.  That may be what's impacting it.  The only other game I have that takes that long to load is oddly enough Alien Isolation.  

  • Graphics
For a game that has been in development for some time and especially for a game that was produced to play on Sony's holy virtual headset, I am quite surprised the graphics are no better than they are.  The graphic detail in my opinion is on par with a game no more worthy than the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.  Yes that's right I said it!  This game doesn't belong on current next-gen systems with the current graphics.  The facial graphics on Elder Scrolls online/Skyrim looks better.  Even Resident Evil 5-6 has held up graphic wise.  So what happened here?

  • Audio
The sounds heard throughout the game was well enjoyed by myself.  I recommend not playing the game with the sound simply coming through the television speakers.  I recommend you use a gaming headset.  I currently have a Turtle Beach headset.  My headset was wonderful with this game as it fully played all the sounds in rich crisp audio.

  • Gameplay Bugs
To date while I was playing the game I encountered no gameplay bugs. So I will give Capcom high marks for thoroughly testing their game before publishing.


Final thoughts

Here is the part you've been waiting for.  Ultimately did I like the game? Does the game have any replay value? What is my overall view on this game?  I'll gladly answer those questions, but I'll also remind you of what I stated at the beginning of this review.  If you remember you get a platinum star.  If you don't...well then I banish you to the island of Hello Kitty for all eternity!  

  • Did I like the game?
I wanted to like this game so much I honestly did.   Before it came out I did a little light reading on it.  Admittedly I was disappointed with Capcom's decision to change up the format.  Don't get me wrong. I like the whole spooky house and explore scene, but let's be honest here. Anyone with half a brain can figure out Capcom did not make this game to appease the minority of hardcore Resident Evil fans.  No.  Capcom made this game because- and this is merely a theory, but one I believe strongly.  I believe that Sony threw money at Capcom as an incentive to add another title Sony could use to promote that overhyped headset of theirs.  There aren't many titles coming out for it and Sony took a huge gamble.  Sony needed a big game publisher on-board as they figured that would guarantee large sales.

  • Replay Value
This game in my honest opinion has ABSOLUTELY NO replay value whatsoever.  In hindsight as it's too late, I wish I had spent the money on a more enjoyable game.  I wish I had instead rented this game from a RedBox or some other game rental service.  One of the attractive features in games for me is that you can reuse weapons from previous game plays.  Having said that, what will happen now that I've beaten the game is I will delete the game from my system and not give it a second thought.  If there was a way to trade the digital purchase back to Sony and if say for example they took thirty dollars off since I had already played it, well I would happily agree to that.

  • Overall View
I think Capcom had the chance to make this game into a decent installment.  The storyline was certainly there without a doubt.  Sure the graphics were a major throwback, but the potential was DEFINITELY there.  However when you include the silly combat mechanics, the poor movement controls, limited ammo for weapons, and no real replay value - then I'd say this game is a MAJOR waste of time and money.  And I've only said that about three or four games in my entire life. I've noticed most of the other game magazines reviewed this game, giving it nothing but mostly high marks.  Not me.  I'm not wearing rose colored glasses.  I'm also not what someone could be considered a fanboy.  I prefer to speak the truth as I see it.  I don't sugarcoat anything.

Taking the issues I had with the game into account and knowing how everyone these days just loves to see a score - I give Resident Evil: Biohazard a flat 6.0.


I hope you enjoyed reading my Resident Evil (7) Biohazard review.  Whether or not you did, please feel free to leave a comment or email me through the contact me button and let me know what's on your thoughts.  At the bottom of this page I'll add links where you can purchase physical copies of Resident Evil Biohazard from your favorite retailer.  At the current time of this posting all prices reflect new - unopened editions of Resident Evil: Biohazard.

Take care and thanks for reading!😎😀😘

Edward Alex Lively