Sunday, May 28, 2017

Edward & The Bedbug From Hell


I found a bedbug in my room this morning.  I was able to quickly captured him, but not until after repeatedly dodging many streams of fire from his flaming breath attacks.  I was then able to force the foul beast down into one of my large water bottles.  I then filled the water bottle up by a quarter, and all while he continued spraying streams of fire up at me.  That was until the water level became too much for him!  I then sprayed some Ortho Home Defense down into his plastic prison.  I watched as the foul and unholy creature stared up at me, first in utter shock then in absolute horror.  His antennae waving in unison.  With beady black minuscule eyes glaring at me as if to ask, "What have you done to me?!" 

The creature then began gagging repeatedly and I watched with glee as this tiny, yet evil creature that had so forcibly invaded my home began to move through the water performing a death roll.  I watched as he continued to gag and struggled ever so desperately to cling to the last bit of wicked life he had left in him.  I knew however this force of evil was merely staving off the inevitable.  I said nothing.  Finally after repeated delays, the life force of the insidious creature was at last extinguished.  That's one less demonic beast in the world to wreak uncontrollably havoc upon an unsuspecting population.  

Now for the rest of his wicked clan...


©This short is based on an actual event but changed into a short and is copyrighted for entertainment purposes only by Edward Alex Lively.

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